We will be closed July 31st to August 6th and will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, August 7th.

Dos Chris' owners

About Dos Chris'

Dos Chris’ is a Phoenix, AZ based company founded on the belief of kindness. Our love story began in 2018 and having the same name led us to be quickly known as “Dos Chris’”. Two years later, we were married!

Having both grown-up in a family business, we each dreamed of having our own company. Thus, it was only destiny that as a couple, we created our own. With our bow ties, nickname at hand, and our love of baking and charcuterie, our company was founded in 2021.

In 2022, our dream came true of obtaining our first storefront and in October of 2022, we opened our doors to the community in the Uptown Phoenix neighborhood where our family has lived since the 1950s.

Everything we create is made with love and care using natural ingredients, flavors, and the Dos Chris’ style. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting Dos Chris’ Bakery & Charcuterie Co.!

Christopher J.H. Barbara

He grew up in the textile and fabric business in Phoenix. He is a fourth-generation Phoenician obsessed with anything mid-century modern, plants, art, and cheese (and lots of cheese!). He is always telling Christopher Joseph to be quiet with all of his singing and whistling! 😃

His motto is, “Eat food and enjoy life!” and to always remember that the brightest star in the night sky is your passed loved ones saying “hello!”.

Christopher J.H. Barbara
Christopher J. Barbara

Christopher J. Barbara

He grew up in his family’s restaurants in Tucson as well as their catering business. Cooking and baking has always been his passion. He also loves to annoy the people closest to him by singing and whistling loudly for all to hear (especially his husband). He is obsessed with sweets!

His motto is, “Be kind to yourself” and “When you’re downie eat a brownie!”.